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Reckons Resource Solutions Reckons Resource Solutions

Client Brief

Design an aesthetically modern and easy-to-navigate website for job seekers and freshers.
Website is supposed to be for internal use only. No employer dashboard required other than that created for Reckons Resource.
Modern illustrations required as compared to traditional ones used by the competitors.
Candidate/Applicant dashboard required to keep upto date with the number of vacancies and their application status.
Website to be integrated with ZOHO CRM for posting job vacancies.


Layout of the website was designed taking inspiration from a few unconventionally designed websites from similar fields.
User and Applicant dashboards were integrated into the website to shortlist candidates and apply for jobs respectively.
ZOHO CRM was integrated for the client using basic HTML codes provided by the ZOHO team.
Domain specific mail services were integrated for the contact and application forms.
Training was provided to the client on how to add/delete a job and shortlist a candidate for the job.
Basic filters were provided for the candidates to search for jobs based on location, field of expertise, salary, and experience.






Social Media
Content Writing
Web Design
Graphic Design
Web Dev.

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